Our Story

We understand that when it comes to skincare, it’s all about trust. 

That's why, when we decided to found Winnøw, we set out to create a product we were passionate about. We knew we could only do that if we created something we absolutely loved. (Spoiler alert: we did.)

We're exceptionally discerning consumers ourselves, and we've tried everything.
And of course, in the past few years, that "everything" included plenty of CBD-laced creams and serums. While we were intrigued by all the hype, through a steady process of elimination, we landed on a not-so-happy fact: none of the CBD products we diligently slathered on met our standards for luxury and efficacy.

Tapping the rigor and self-discipline we honed as college roommates at Georgetown, we set out to build our dream team: the best-in-class chemists who would work with us, tirelessly, to realize our dream of Clean, Luxury, skincare that not only met our performance benchmarks, but was also backed by science.

WINNØW simplifies skincare while delivering on a daily basis, the kind of complexion-enhancers we all crave: hydration, brightness, clarity. Why WinnoW? In short, because we firmly believe in its potential for improving skin and we know truly game-changing ingredients when we see them.

Because we’re discerning. Because we WINNØW.